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Assan: Law Critics and Bernard Assan

assan: What's simply not true, Bernard Assan told Federal Court, is that anyone is locked up and left to rot, according to Brandon Sun. I'm not disputing that the interests at stake are important but if procedural rights are trampled on in particular circumstances, the law provides them avenues, Assan said. As such, he argued, it would be a mistake to throw out a law critics insist victimizes detainees because it is procedurally unfair and can lead to indefinite detention. They're allowed to make their case. The father of six and his supporters argue that foreigners who cannot be deported for various reasons are subjected to cruel and unusual punishment in that they may spend years behind bars never knowing when they might be released. Jamaican Alvin Brown, who was detained for five years before being deported last year, is challenging the constitutionality of certain provisions in Canada's immigration laws. ( As reported in the news.