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National Household Survey: Canadian Medical Association

Paul Hebert Dept: The editorial, published Thursday, says the reduction in the amount and type of information collected about Canadians via the census will impede how health programs are planned and executed, according to CBC. "Information from the long-form census frequently guides program planning and evaluation for federal departments as well as other levels of government," reads the editorial, signed by Paul Hebert, the journal's editor-in-chief and Marsha Cohen, CMAJ's associate editor of research and the federal government's decision to eliminate the long census form in 2011 will negatively affect how health information is gathered and acted on, says an editorial in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. The federal government announced on June 28 that it was eliminating the long census form and replacing it with a voluntary National Household Survey, which will be sent to one-third of households along with the mandatory short-form census, which includes eight questions. As reported in the news.
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