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Lifesaving Society: New Immigrants

Less Than Five Years Dept: The Lifesaving Society found that 57 per cent of new Canadians surveyed said swimming is the water activity they participate in most often and 79 per cent plan to be in and around water this summer, according to CBC. "We don't know their drowning rate but we know their risk is higher and their skills are not as strong and they're nervous," said Barbara Byers, a spokeswoman for the Lifesaving Society, which provides programs on swimming, lifesaving, lifeguarding and first aid and new Canadians, particularly those who have been living in the country for less than five years, are at a greater risk of drowning when boating or swimming, a new study suggests. But the results also revealed that 19 per cent of new immigrants are more than four times more likely to be unable to swim than those born in Canada. As reported in the news.
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