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Rehab Center: Remedy Recovery and Sobriety

rehab center: ByChris Roberts Published on July 23, 2018 Share Tweet High Sobriety, a marijuana-friendly rehab center in Los Angeles where cannabis was both a tool and a reward for people struggling with addictions to opiates, alcohol and other drugs, has recently faced challenges and undergone quite a shake-up, according to NOW Magazine. Joe Schrank, High Sobriety's founder, has left the rehab center and relocated to San Francisco, where he's opened a similar facility that he's named Remedy Recovery. A philosophical dispute over the form and frequency of cannabis allowance at High Sobriety has led to the founding of Remedy Recovery. High Sobriety now has a new director with a new philosophy that contradicts its founding principles, which originally asserted that cannabis is an exit and not a gateway drug. Harm reduction is the practice of allowing someone prone to abuse substances to do so as long as the substances in question are less harmful. What happened It appears that High Sobriety had too much weed for anyone's good. ( As reported in the news.