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Cannabis Farms: Cannabis and Farms

cannabis farms: Beija Flor Farms a name which means to kiss the flower may look like it's just cultivating quality, artisanal cannabis in full sunlight on land that's been family-owned for generations but there's even more behind their lush, organic flowers, according to NOW Magazine. Unlike those cannabis farms that operate in warehouses sucking up electricity, Beija Flor Farms believes in using cannabis farming to mitigate the effects of climate change. ByK. Astre Published on June 1, 2018 Share Tweet Nestled in the Mayacamas Mountain Range in southern Mendocino County sits Jonathan Wentzel's 1,228-acre farm, soaking in the sun's radiant beams. We have a twofold process One is the cultivation of cannabis and the other is sequestering carbon on a large scale, Wentzel says. What we're trying to do is cultivate in ways that are non disruptive to the carbon cycling of the plant. Our model is carbon sequestration through cannabis cultivation. ( As reported in the news.