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Television Studio: Carlyle Hotel and Television Slot

television studio: It's 4am in New York but is he going to let a little thing like sleep prevent him promoting the interview of a lifetime on his weekly Friday Five television slot Fat chance, according to NOW Magazine. At 9.30pm the 29-year-old from Avalon was waiting in the lounge cum makeshift television studio of the penthouse suite of New York's posh Carlyle Hotel. It's not often you get to say 'I've just spent the night with Madonna', a giddy-grinned Dan Wootton tells British showbiz fans. Madonna was glamming up in the bathroom. Madonna wanted to promote her new album, MDNA. Wootton wanted to talk Adele and One Direction, and get that saleable big reveal without provoking a diva strop or walkout. At 11pm the pair had a 30-minute knee-to-knee. ( As reported in the news.