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Byjimi Devine: Cannabis and Phylos

byjimi devine: ByJimi Devine Published on April 25, 2019 Share Tweet On April 16, the Oregon-based cannabis testing company Phylos Bioscience made a shattering announcement Phylos will be launching an in-house cannabis plant breeding program this spring, according to NOW Magazine. The announcement of Phylos's breeding program made waves throughout the industry, as many cannabis cultivators took to the industry's most popular social media network Instagram to voice their concerns about whether Phylos was going to use community-submitted cannabis data to inform their own breeding project. The company's CEO released a statement saying the company has no intentions of competing with breeders, but an uncovered video shows him pitching investors on how Phylos's strains will dominate the cannabis market in the years to come. In the days since Phylos has clarified that the company will not be growing strains they obtained through their cannabis testing work and their CEO Mowgli Holmes has promised that Phylos is not going to compete with breeders. Where Phylos Got Its Cannabis Data After launching in 2014 from their headquarters in Portland, Phylos made their name in the industry through the Cannabis Evolution Project, their plan to map cannabis DNA on what they called the Phylos Galaxy. However, a video of Holmes speaking at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in February reveals a different plan He says Phylos will be breeding the next generation of plants for the coming age of large-scale commercial cannabis agriculture using all of the genomic data the company has gathered from cannabis cultivators since 2014. ( As reported in the news.