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Officers Berating: Blasts Biden and Voting Law

officers berating: Rick Joyner denounce their father in stinging NY Times article saying his right-wing views are 'morally wrong' Gov, according to NOW Magazine. Brian Kemp says there's 'nothing Jim Crow' about Georgia's new voting law and blasts Biden 'and his handlers' for not having read it 'It's a disgrace that shames CBS' Piers Morgan backs Sharon Osbourne and says she was 'bullied out' of The Talk after she was forced to quit for defending him over accusations of racism Police bodycam footage shows two officers berating a five-year-old and handcuffing him after he ran away from school Biden officials tried to muzzle the 18 Republican Senators on Ted Cruz's border trip by ordering them to DELETE photos of children crammed into overcrowded facilities - but they refused 'Don't slobber all over Joe!' Meghan McCain blasts the mainstream media's fawning response to Biden's first press conference Boulder cop was the last of ten victims killed in grocery store massacre Police defend response time to mass shooting Biden's DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas fires 32 members of his advisory council - including ALL Trump appointees - while thousands still cross Mexico's southern border on their way to US NY AG issues subpoenas to dozens of Cuomo officials including his top aide Melissa DeRosa as part of sexual harassment probe One dead and at least six are injured in mass stabbing at Vancouver library before attacker 'stabs HIMSELF and is arrested' 'Is this patriot enough ' Chinese immigrant Army veteran, 69, shows off scars from his 20 years in the US military in response to people who say he 'doesn't look American' amid a surge in hate crime USA Today's 'race and inclusion editor' claims SHE is the victim after she was fired for saying the Syrian-born Boulder gunman was an 'angry white man' Texas' COVID numbers fall for the 17th consecutive day following Gov. Kemp signed voting new voting law The number of US coronavirus deaths would have 'decreased substantially' if cities and states had learned from the first surge which claimed 100,000 lives, says Dr Birx All FIVE liberal children of evangelical preacher Rev. Abbott's 100% reopening of the state and lifting of the mask mandate - a move that Biden infamously called 'Neanderthal thinking' Chile's fast vaccine rollout coincides with a spike in cases despite a quarter of the population having had one jab - but is China's 50% effective Corona Vacvaccine to balme Brazil approaches 4,000 Covid deaths a DAY and is responsible for a quarter of the world's daily fatalities from virus as fears grow over 'more infectious' P1 variant How the pandemic has made us less human In a profound and beautifully written essay, MARY HARRINGTON says Covid has gnawed away social bonds, creating an impersonal and soulless 'new normal' that must be rejected Lockdown stress is blamed as women pile on the pounds - and oestrogen levels soar 'A lab leak isn't 100% certain but it seems to be the only logical source of the virus' US State Department expert who led inquiry into the cause of Covid reveals three Wuhan lab scientists fell ill in November 2019 'Covid shame' is stopping people reporting symptoms or even properly social distancing, new report warns. Writing for the first time about his dramatic exit from GMB after saying he didn't believe Meghan's 'truth' on racism and the Royals, our columnist defends free speech - and says the silent majority hate the tyranny of trac.record .post ; DM. Nielsen60.init ; DM.later 'bundle', function DM.has 'content', 'share Links', is Channel false, 'anchor' 'tl' ; DM.has 'content', 'email Lightbox', captcha Key ; ad id interstitial-0-ad ad id interstitial-1-ad DM.later 'bundle', 'DOM READY' function if window. Previous Next DM.later 'bundle', function if DM. Rotator 6 4 ; ; position before Article id // window.article Short Url article Short Url ; title Most Read Articles links title Young nurse who tipped the scales at 127kg while binging on 4,000 calories a DAY reveals how she's shed 50kg in just 12 months url title Are YOU a true foodie Tricky quiz will put your knowledge of world cuisine to the test - from the spice that makes curry yellow to which fruit you should ALWAYS buy organic url title Prince Andrew is seen horseriding with two female companions at Windsor Castle - after it was claimed the Queen is 'more affectionate' towards him than Prince Charles because she 'sees him as a war hero' url ; The REAL truth. ( As reported in the news.