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Marijuana Law: Trippet and Bybill Weinberg

marijuana law: ByBill Weinberg Published on March 1, 2020 Share Tweet There isn't much clearer evidence of an activist's impact than having a legal doctrine that expands civil rights and personal liberty named in your honor, according to NOW Magazine. This is the claim to fame of the woman behind what a California court in 1997 designated as the Trippet Standard. Pebbles Trippet established in the state's courts that the 1996 medical marijuana law implies a right to transport cannabis a precedent-setting case. Sudi Pebbles Trippet was a lifelong activist even before her name was inscribed in the annals of California case law. After some time in the San Francisco Bay Area, in 1970 she moved to Mendocino County as part of the back-to-the-land wave. As noted in a profile on the Emerald Triangle's local news site Redheaded Blackbelt, Trippet grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and launched her activist career at the precocious age of 17, when she helped to de-segregate public restaurants and lunch counters with the local chapter of the NAACP. A few years later, she was at the very first national march on Washington D.C. to protest the war in Vietnam, with Students for a Democratic Society in April 1965. ( As reported in the news.