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Byjimi Devine: Cannabis and Effect March

byjimi devine: The Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana was the oldest operating medical cannabis collective on the planet when it was forced to close its doors in January of 2018 as Proposition 64 took effect, according to NOW Magazine. After operating since being founded in 1993 by Valerie and Mike Corral, the collective was forced into a holding pattern when lawmakers and regulators neglected to create a mechanism for medical cannabis to be distributed for free without insane taxes. ByJimi Devine Published on March 7, 2020 Share Tweet With California's new laws around cannabis being donated to sick and low-income patients taking effect March 1, one of the state's most famed providers took immediate advantage by offering free cannabis to those in need. With their free to sliding scale model of distribution to people with cancer, AIDS, MS, epilepsy and other life-threatening conditions effectively taxed out of existence, operating WAMM became financially unfeasible. But we never stopped pushing back along with our many allies in the community. It's darkly ironic that after being at the forefront of the cannabis movement for decades, including facing a DEA raid in 2002 and the threat of ten years in prison, it was legalization that closed WAMM's doors, Valerie said of California's adult-use regulations that kicked in on Jan. 1, 2018. ( As reported in the news.