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Plant-Based Menu: Plant-Based and Vegan Magnum

plant-based menu: So, that's really the main course making sure veggie and vegan consumers have got options in the Knorr and Hellman's range, says company CEO Alan Jope, as quoted by Plant Based News, according to NOW Magazine. Those have been growing very quickly for us. In fact, according to consumer goods company Unilever UL it's become an inexorable trend, as reported by Totally Vegan Buzz, adding, every single country in the world is shifting towards more plant-based diets.'' The first thing we're concerned to do is make sure that our big brands like Knorr and Hellmans have got attractive plant-based offerings. Can you even believe that we have plant-based Ben and Jerry's ice cream and a vegan magnum Even Starbucks SBUX is testing a 100% plant-based menu in Seattle. TSN and McDonald's MCD . In addition, nearly 23% of American consumers have consumed plant-based meats, according to a new report from Packaged Fact, as highlighted by Veg News. So are companies, like Tyson Foods Inc. ( As reported in the news.