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Selim Esen: Toronto Raptors and City

selim esen: We've captured it all these past 10 years, according to CTV. In no particular order, here's our list of the most read and talked about stories from 2010 until 2020. Some of these stories have left us grieving, while others have caused laughter and celebration. RAPTORS MAKE HISTORY The Toronto Raptors made history in June 2019 after they dethroned the Golden State Warriors and won the franchise's first-ever NBA championship. Every door to the city is open to you' Toronto Raptors given key to the city at victory rally BRUCE MCARTHUR MURDERS The city was left in shock when police revealed in January 2019 that a man named Bruce McArthur had been charged with first-degree murder for the deaths of Selim Esen and Andrew Kinsman, who had been reported missing months before. The big win shook the entire country, but the epicentre of it all was in Toronto, where a massive celebration parade brought millions of people to the city's downtown core. ( As reported in the news.