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Labour: Adversity Triumphalism

labour: Underpinning it is both triumphalism and insecurity, according to Rabble. A traumatised left must unite in the face of unprecedented adversity Triumphalism, because Labour has been subjected to a devastating defeat, leaving it shattered and demoralised, stripped of seats it has held for decades; and because it has no plausible leader who can confidently presume to take the party to victory in 2024. This grand national project was rudely interrupted when Labour deprived the Conservatives of a majority in 2017 it will now be renewed with vigour. Insecurity, because support for Labour among younger voters is at an unprecedented high, while for the Tories it's at an unparalleled low; because the right knows Labour's economic policies are popular, driving its 2017 surge and provoking the only doubts Tory strategists had about victory this time around; and because it is keenly aware that a left-led Labour party came horrifyingly close to forming a government just two and a half years ago, falling short by just 2,227 votes in seven constituencies. The electoral map is already rigged in favour of the Tories it took on average just 38,264 votes to elect a Tory MP, compared to 50,835 per Labour MP. That advantage will now be entrenched. That near-death experience, so far as they are concerned, must never be repeated. ( As reported in the news.