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Ukrainian Famine: Genocide and Sessional Instructor

ukrainian famine: It is estimated up to 10 million people died, according to CTV. But Dougal Mac Donald, listed as a sessional instructor in the U of A's Department of Elementary Education, denies that the famine was an act of genocide, and he's coming under fire for his controversial views. The 1932-33 Ukrainian famine was recognized in 2008 by Canada and nine other countries as an act of genocide perpetuated by the Soviet regime under Joseph Stalin. In a Nov. 19 Facebook post, Mac Donald called the Holodomor a myth. Trudeau's support for the anti-communist, pro-Nazi Holodomor myth is no accident, he wrote. He said the genocide was a lie perpetuated with fake photographs and news stories and spread by former Nazi collaborators. ( As reported in the news.