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Time I: Relationship and Time

time i: This work-life balance I was like, What the fuck is everybody complaining about ' Until I had to do it, according to Georgia Asian. I mean, if I don't work less I will wreck his childhood. I'm in an insane relationship with time as a mother this agonized relationship with time, writer Hannah Moscovitch laments with a laugh, speaking to the Straight from her Halifax home before her show Infinity opens here after the holidays. So it's not like a theoretical ideal that I should have work-life balance, she continues, sounding as self-effacing, funny, and candidly introspective as some of her best-known female stage characters. And now I'm in a constant existential relationship with time; I'm constantly thinking about it. And then she reflects more seriously, Writing Infinity gave me the chance to grapple with that. ( As reported in the news.