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Mainstream u.s: Party Rosen

mainstream u.s: It highlighted the strategic blindness of NBC political director and Meet the Press host Chuck Todd and others in dealing with the Trump administration and the Republican Party, according to Georgia Asian. Rosen described Todd's response to the onslaught of lies as malpractice and willful blindness to what the Republican Party had become . The right wing ecosystem for news does not operate like the rest of the country's news system, Rosen pointed out. On Boxing Day, I read an enlightening essay by NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen about the mainstream U.S. media. And increasingly conservative politics is getting sucked into conservative media. Yet Meet the Press and other mainstream current-affairs network programs operate on the premise of a symmetry between the two major political parties according to Rosen. It makes more sense to see Fox News and the Trump White House as two parts of the same organism. ( As reported in the news.