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Lifestyle Choices: Jewish Presence and Linfield Surmises

lifestyle choices: The experience, Linfield surmises in her book The Lion's Den, made her ashamed to be a Jew, according to Rabble. That is a curious sentiment. To the Jewish American academic, the self-contained ghetto of fanatical settlers seemed like an atavistic throwback to a religiously insular mindset secular Zionism had set out to eradicate. Whatever the merits of maintaining a Jewish presence in Hebron, Linfield is hardly responsible for the views, deeds and lifestyle choices of settlers there. Barely the first page into her book we appear to be standing on shaky ground. By professing to be ashamed because of other Jews she doesn't even know, she inadvertently reinforces the old antisemitic trope that Jews are a monolithic entity burdened with collective guilt for the actions of a few. ( As reported in the news.