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Unionize Amazon: Apple Cider and Office Tuesday

unionize amazon: One bright red poster says, Unionize Amazon and Tax Bezos in large white letters, according to Rabble. It offers a glimpse into a potential upcoming battle for Sawant now that she beat her rival, the business-backed Egan Orion, despite his unprecedented financial support from Amazon. One wall is plastered with every imaginable poster on policies she's pushed for, including rent control and 15 an hour minimum wage. The collection is her labor of love and frequently updated with the day's latest struggles, says Sawant, who is sitting at a long table in her office Tuesday with a mason jar filled with apple cider It's from PCC Community Markets, a local food cooperative whose workers, she happily reveals, are unionized . Is Amazon taking revenge on a Seattle socialist after she took on company Read more She's been up since well before 5am, juggling a day packed with media interviews and council meetings. She says that she hopes other candidates like her across the world take note of this major victory. But you wouldn't know it by the rapid-fire analysis she provides of her recent momentous win. ( As reported in the news.