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Tuesday Conversation: Hong Kong and China

tuesday conversation: While it's usual for China to reassert its claim to sovereignty over both those areas in talks with the U.S., the mention of Hong Kong and Xinjiang is more unusual, according to CTV. Semi-autonomous Hong Kong has been wracked by five months of anti-government protests that Beijing accuses the U.S. and other foreign forces of encouraging. The official Xinhua News Agency said Defence Minister Wei Fenghe also raised the issues of Taiwan and the South China Sea in the Tuesday conversation with Defence Secretary Mark Esper. Meanwhile, China has come under criticism for detaining more than 1 million members of Xinjiang's native Uighurs and members of other Muslim ethnic groups in political re-education centres where they are forced to swear loyalty to the ruling Communist Party. China at first denied the existence of the centres, but now says they aim to provide jobs skills to lift Uighurs and others out of poverty and combat religious extremism. The centres are seen by critics as a key part of what they call a campaign of cultural genocide. ( As reported in the news.