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Post View: Drug Abuse and Pm Estfiled

post view: Any politician worth his or her salt has steered well clear of it since at least 1992, when U.S. presidential candidate Ross Perot used it in a speech before the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, according to CBC. Perot didn't intend it as an insult, but as a way to emphasize the human cost of inner-city crime and drug abuse on urban black communities. Craig Robertson/Postmedia News National Post View November 15, 20195 10 PM ESTFiled under Full Share this story National Post View Marking the end of a hockey era Tumblr Pinterest Google Linked In You people is a dangerous term, filled with racial innuendo. The words touched a nerve, however. I'm not sure that in the area of civil rights he has the cultural sensitivity that's required or the staff to advise him. As the president of the Tucson branch of the NAACP put it Ross Perot worries me. ( As reported in the news.