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Party Leaders: Gop Speakers and Purity Tests

party leaders: For years, Jordan led a band of misfit conservatives who grappled not so much with Democrats, but Republicans helping drive two GOP speakers of the House out of town, killing bills that didn't pass purity tests, shutting down the government, according to Rabble. Jordan became such a despised member of his conference that some of his colleagues began suggesting to party leaders that they redistrict him out of his seat. The square-jawed Ohio congressman used to coach wrestling and understands that conflict even in government proceedings is a matter of physics leverage, pressure, aggression, submission. But, in a recent meeting in the basement of the Capitol, on the eve of the first hearings of the impeachment inquiry, Jordan spoke to his Republican colleagues like a coach trying to spark the will to win.ADAD This process is anything but fair! he said, according to people in the room. The moment highlighted an extraordinary turn in Jordan's career from tormentor of leadership to leader himself a tacit acknowledgment that in President Trump's Republican Party, the Lord of the Gadflies now oversees a pretty big kingdom. Standing in front of his rapt colleagues, Jordan accused Democrats of trampling the president's right to defend himself and encouraged his fellow Republicans to attack the proceedings. ( As reported in the news.