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Parliament Hill: Bill Process and Rights Tribunal

parliament hill: Singh spelled out these top orders of business while listing his party's priorities for the new House of Common sitting, backed by his caucus on Parliament Hill where they all met for the first time since the election, according to CTV. The single-payer pharmacare implementation bill will be introduced through the private members' bill process, which is the only legislative avenue for non-government MPs to table bills. The New Democrats will also be challenging the government to immediately drop its appeal of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal's child welfare ruling. PMBs as they are called generally have a lower standing on the order of precedence and like all bills, require majority support to advance. When asked what leverage they'd have to force the government's hand on either issue, Singh said he'd look to build public pressure. The demand to drop the appeal which ordered the government to compensate First Nations children who had been discriminated against by the government's child welfare system could come in a motion. ( As reported in the news.