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News Sign: Years and Advance Equality

news sign: The examination of how close or far Canada is from meeting the gender equality goals it signed on to in 1995 as part the United Nations Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, which is reviewed every five years, shows uneven progress over the past five years, according to National Observer. Don't miss out on the latest news Sign up for our daily briefing That, said the report, is despite a renewed focus on feminist policies from the Liberal government. Years of effort to remove entrenched economic, cultural and social barriers to women's progress are not achieving the results we all expected by now, says the report, Unfinished Business, published Monday by an alliance of more than 50 groups working to advance equality and the rights of women. All things being equal, we would expect that men and women would be employed in roughly the same numbers and earn roughly the same wages; that men and women would occupy the same share of management jobs and the same share of seats in Parliament; and that men and women would spend the same amount of time in unpaid work and care, says the report. Still, the government noted many challenges remain, and committed to continue working on the issue. Unfortunately, all things are not equal, and the gaps are especially wide and persistent for marginalized groups of women in Canada. ; Ottawa submitted its own progress report to the UN this spring, where the Liberal government highlighted achievements like gender-based budgeting and the fact it passed legislation last year aimed at ensuring men and women get equal pay for work of equal value. ( As reported in the news.