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Months Understanding and Parting Wisdom

work: On his way out two hours later Trudeau said it was a lovely meeting, but offered no other comment, according to CTV. The informal gathering with national caucus included a combination of newly-elected, re-elected, and defeated Liberal MPs. This is a moment to gather amongst friends to reflect on the experiences we had over the past few months understanding what Canadians told us about the need to work hard every day and work together to respond to their concerns, Trudeau told reporters on his way into the meeting. Liberals welcomed the fresh faces and celebrated their victories, but also took the chance to say goodbye and glean parting wisdom from the MPs who lost their seats. Incumbent rookie Liberal MP Steven Guilbeault said that what he'll be asking first is How can I be a good MP It was thought that inside the closed-door gathering the Liberals would likely plot out some initial plans for the new parliament, hear perspectives on what the priorities and approach should be to the new minority government dynamics, and allow MPs to offer their takes on what worked and didn't, but most MPs coming out said the meeting really was more personal than political. On their way in, Liberals were both reflective on the losses but optimistic about the gains that the party experienced over the 40-day election campaign. ( As reported in the news.