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Massage Parlours: Money Laundering

massage parlours: In a hotel conference room filled with about 100 people, speaker after speaker armed mostly with anecdotes and personal observations pressed the commissioner to investigate money laundering's reach into casinos, residential construction, money transfer services, massage parlours, real estate and the underground birth tourism industry, according to CBC. Some speakers tied the laundering of money to the housing affordability crisis, while others linked it to the opioid and overdose epidemic. The enormity of the task before Austin Cullen, a B.C. Supreme Court associate chief justice, to investigate the scope, impact and causes of money laundering in B.C. was on full display Thursday night at the resumption of the inquiry's public comment phase. They cast blame on corrupt municipal politicians, corrupt provincial politicians daggers were mostly thrown at the previous B.C. Liberal government under-resourced police investigators and incompetence at FINTRAC, the federal agency responsible for monitoring large cash transactions.I really am impressed when I see the turnout Stepping up to the podium, speaker Ken McLennan expressed surprise so many people had taken an interest in such a cumbersome mess. The year-long inquiry was spurred, in part, by a pair of scathing reports by retired RCMP deputy commissioner Peter German. I really am impressed when I see the turnout for such an onerous issue that's a big black eye for the history of Canada, he said. ( As reported in the news.