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Emilie Dubois: Selection Certificate and Quebec City

emilie dubois: After Dubois completed her doctorate in January 2018, she applied for a selection certificate under the Quebec experience program, which allows foreign students with a qualifying diploma or work experience in the province to fast-track their residency applications, according to CTV. In December 2018, Dubois received some unexpected news. Emilie Dubois moved from France to Quebec in 2012, to complete her doctorate at Quebec City's French-language Laval University. The province told her she had not demonstrated adequate knowledge of the French language, a requirement to obtain the selection certificate, because part of her thesis on cellular and molecular biology was written in English. In science, we are used to sharing our work and knowledge with the community and this is usually from English-speaking jaws, she told CTV's Your Morning on Friday. Dubois explained that only one out of the five chapters in her thesis was in English because it was based on an English article she had published for a scientific journal. ( As reported in the news.