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Earnings: Statistics Canada and Apprenticeship Certificate

earnings: In 2017, for example, Statistics Canada reported that men with an apprenticeship certificate in the skilled trades had median earnings of 72,955 in 2015, according to Georgia Asian. That was 31 percent higher than the average earnings of a high-school graduate but 11 percent less than those of men with a bachelor's degree. And there's no shortage of economic data that can boil this down to dollars and cents. For women, there was a big payoff in obtaining a bachelor's degree, according to the same report. Completing an apprenticeship did not result in higher earnings for women as it did for men, Statistics Canada reported. Those who did earned a median of 68,342, 40 percent more than those with a college diploma and 60 percent more than those with a high-school diploma. ( As reported in the news.