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Ctv News: America Jes and Mexico Undersecretary

ctv news: Freeland, who despite no longer being foreign affairs minister has retained the responsibility for the Canada-U.S. file in part to see the trilateral trade deal through to its conclusion, made the trip because ratification in the U.S. may be getting closer, according to CTV. Wednesday evening Freeland met with Lighthizer and Mexico Undersecretary for North America Jes s Seade behind closed doors. Her trip south comes as the Democrats and the U.S. administration are very close to concluding negotiations on adjustments to the new NAFTA, sources tell CTV News. She called it a good trilateral meeting and said she was glad to be in D.C. working on getting the deal across the finish line. A new Parliament begins soon Sign up for our Capital Dispatch newsletter In advance of American Thanksgiving, the three countries have been meeting to talk about potential alterations that would encourage the progressive Democrats to come on board with supporting the agreement to ensure that the ratification moves forward. She said she's been in regular contact with both her U.S. and Mexican counterparts throughout the week. ( As reported in the news.