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Afterlife Comedy: Gangster Drama and Martin Scorsese

afterlife comedy: Recent water cooler titles include the documentary Tell Me Who I Am and the final seasons of two popular rib-ticklers the afterlife comedy The Good Place and the animated showbiz satire BoJack Horseman, according to Rabble. There's also lots of buzz around Martin Scorsese's upcoming gangster drama, The Irishman. Netflix is home to too many fine productions to name, although it's also a dumping house for content unsuitable or unwanted elsewhere including thinking person titles deemed too cerebral for cinema such as Annihilation ; and junk that's become the modern equivalent of straight-to-video B movies too many examples to name . Hottest content Netflix's library is so vast, with new titles added so regularly, that the hottest content one week is merely lukewarm the next. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Betty Gilpin and Alison Brie in Glow. Party guest Netflix is Jay Gatsby, the decadent host with money to spare, showering guests with booze and food. Photograph Ali Goldstein/Netflix Bingeable favourites Stranger Things, Orange Is the New Black, The Crown, Mindhunter, Glow, Ozark, Rick and Morty and Gossip Girl. ( As reported in the news.