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Victory Speech: Tuesday Morning and Minority Government

victory speech: It has been the greatest honour of my life to serve you for these past four years and tonight you're sending us back to work for you, Trudeau said during his victory speech early on Tuesday, according to CTV. We take this responsibility seriously and we will work hard for you, for your families and for your future. By the time the dust settled on the election, Trudeau lost the popular vote and more than 20 seats in the House of Commons, but was able to maintain a minority government and will remain prime minister. As of Tuesday morning, the Liberals were elected or leading in 157 ridings, compared to the Conservatives' 121, the Bloc Quebecois' 32 and the NDP's 24. We will make life more affordable. You are sending our Liberal team back to work, back to Ottawa with a clear mandate, Trudeau said. ( As reported in the news.