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Trump: Barack Obama and Republic Trump

trump: They used to want only our money, but since we elected Trump, they've decided to come for everything else we enjoy as free citizens of the Republic, according to Rabble. Trump is all that stands between the America we cherish and the left's policies for fundamentally transforming the United States of America. And just as we so many times disappointed Barack Obama, we failed them as well, proving our illegitimacy as a citizenry. if page width onload 479 document.write ' ' ; ; Electing Trump was the last straw for them plastic, of course, paper is for us rabble. They know that for us, 2020 is a Flight 93 election and impeaching Trump on what is the thinnest of gruel, and arguably the finest example of projection today, is a last-ditch effort to either depose him or damage him enough politically to make him unelectable come next November. It used to be the big lie. With the media, their unctuous allies in scurrility, the left knows every specious allegation will be portrayed as fact in every article, on every news panel, and in every talking-head utterance. ( As reported in the news.