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Replacement Certificate: Paris Synagogue and Government Officials

replacement certificate: Diab, who was born in Lebanon, argues the government has a public duty to provide the replacement, given that he has been a Canadian citizen since 1993, according to CTV. The RCMP arrested Diab in November 2008 in response to a request by France. The 65-year-old Ottawa academic is asking the Federal Court of Canada to hear his plea for a replacement certificate after waiting 15 months for government officials to issue one. French authorities suspected he was involved in the 1980 bombing of a Paris synagogue that killed four people and injured dozens of others, an accusation he has always denied. In January last year, French judges dismissed the allegations against him and ordered his immediate release. Following lengthy court proceedings, Diab was extradited to France where he spent three years behind bars, including time in solitary confinement. ( As reported in the news.