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Record Number: Pie Voters and Cent Increase

record number: Sign up for our Election Dispatch newsletter for a daily update on the campaign That left Trudeau and Singh to fight for the largest slice of the federal electoral pie voters who aren't committed Conservatives, and who are often labelled progressive, according to CTV. One significant electoral fact emerged Tuesday a record number of Canadians took part in advance polls during the four days of early voting that closed Monday night. Scheer's optimism contrasted with several polls that suggested his party was deadlocked with the Liberals in minority-government territory, and with the NDP rising nationally and the Bloc Quebecois on the uptick in Quebec. Elections Canada said 4.7 million Canadians voted early, a 29 per cent increase from the 2015 campaign. Back on the campaign trail, Trudeau and Singh blasted Scheer as their common opponent in separate attacks. It noted that that figure was an estimate because not all polls had reported, and it hoped to have a detailed breakdown by province, territory and riding later this week. ( As reported in the news.