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Perry Bellegarde: Bellegarde and Justin Trudeau

perry bellegarde: Progress doesn't mean parity, Bellegarde said in an interview, according to National Observer. There's opportunity to maintain momentum and keep pushing and opening up doors. National Chief Perry Bellegarde said the Liberals accomplished more for Indigenous rights than any other government in its first term but an enormous socio-economic gap remains between First Nations and non-Indigenous Canadians. Don't miss out on the latest news Sign up for our daily briefing As the leader of a minority government, Justin Trudeau will have to strike deals with political rivals to pass legislation. The fact that the Liberal and NDP platforms overlapped in many of their pledges to Indigenous Peoples bodes well for seeing those issues addressed, Bellegarde said. That could mean co-operation with the New Democrats, who would be positioned to push policy priorities. ( As reported in the news.