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Ndp Leader: Climate Change and Bernier Debate

ndp leader: Its platform also denies the science of climate change, according to National Observer. On Monday, Canadians had their first opportunity to watch Bernier debate other federal political leaders. Bernier's year-old People's Party of Canada stands for ending official multiculturalism and slashing the number of immigrants allowed into the country. He wasted little time putting this new exposure to use, tossing out an incendiary anti-Semitic slur in some of his first remarks when he declared that the other leaders on this stage are globalists and attacked the United Nations as a dysfunctional organization. Don't miss out on the latest news Sign up for our daily briefing Singh, the NDP leader, had already expressed his displeasure at Bernier's invitation to the debate. Discussions about Bernier's policies ended up dominating the first half of the debate. ( As reported in the news.