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Impeachment: Impeachment Proceedings and African Americans

impeachment: And just this week, Trump declared that the House impeachment inquiry was a lynching equating his political troubles with the systematic murders of African Americans by racist white mobs.ADTrump, who long ago busted traditional standards for civil discourse and presidential behavior, has taken his harsh rhetoric and divisive tactics to a new level since impeachment proceedings began a month ago and he appears to be pulling a significant part of the country along with him.ADA number of Republicans, for example, defended Trump's lynching comparison, pointing to past uses of the metaphor by Biden and other Democrats, according to Rabble. The Trump campaign is selling Where's Hunter T-shirts for 25, while the House Republicans' campaign arm mocked a Democratic congressman and his wife for seeking marital counseling. At another rally the following night, Trump denigrated Biden's son, Hunter, for his struggles with substance abuse and called him a loser, while also declaring that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi D-Calif. hates the United States of America. And at a conference for a pro-Trump group at the president's Miami golf resort, an incendiary animated video was shown depicting Trump on a gun rampage inside a church, murdering members of the media, political rivals and a Black Lives Matter protester. And the shifting tone isn't limited to the president and his backers At the same Minneapolis rally this month where Trump went on a swearing spree, anti-Trump protesters chanted profane and angry cheers F--- Donald Trump! and Kill a cop, save a life! while clashing violently with Trump supporters.ADBut the 45th president appears to be presiding over a particularly coarse period of American politics inviting the rest of the country to splash around in the muck as he upends long-held norms of acceptable behavior. There is a long history of sometimes rough language and deeply personal attacks in American politics, from the heated rhetoric surrounding the Clinton impeachment to campaigns that stoked racial division. ( As reported in the news.