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Glass Cases: Turf War and American Life

glass cases: The opioid epidemic sweeping New England has seeped into town, driving area pharmacists to install locked glass cases for select products, according to Rabble. More pressing still is the mounting tension in town between the Somalian immigrant community and the largely Caucasian local populace, each distrustful and fearful of the other. The Maine hamlet of Jerusalem's Lot, first dreamed up by the master of the macabre as a feral vampire stronghold, contends with a more earthbound set of problems in its newest iteration. The impending turf war reflects a widening cultural divide in American life, as xenophobic sentiments gain traction with an increasingly vocal faction of reactionaries. He politely praises the variety of the novelist's writing, the smoothness with which stories set in our own reality drift into more batshit crazy dimensions. The best Stephen King movies ranked!Read more Tim Robbins, who portrays Reginald Pop Merrill, an ailing Jerusalem's Lot crime boss, is glad to talk about returning to King's dark world for the first time since the ubiquitous 1994 adaptation of The Shawshank Redemption. ( As reported in the news.