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Change: Climate Change and Food

change: Will the NDP and Greens be able to push the climate change debate forward by working for policies that protect our food system and move away from agri-business After all, carbon emissions from agriculture contribute almost as much as fossil fuels to climate change, according to Rabble. So what are we going to do about that We in Canada, in many cases, have had the luxury of choice, particularly when it comes to our trips to the grocery store. It is going to take a firm understanding of the importance of supporting local food sources, small-scale agriculture, and how our knowledge of land use and food production can help mitigate climate change. Even the poorest in our country have more choice than most people in this world. The fact that we still have food banks in this country shows that we have many fundamental issues to deal with. Don't get me wrong -- I think there are plenty of people in Canada who need a hand, better services, and quality food. ( As reported in the news.