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Case Study: Anti-Election-Meddling Panel and Campaign Trail

case study: Don't miss out on the latest news Sign up for our daily briefing But because the fake story appears to originate inside Canada rather than from a foreign power, the federal government's anti-election-meddling panel which hasn't spoken publicly about the rumour is unlikely to tackle it, experts consulted by National Observer said, according to National Observer. It's a case study for a crucial gap in Canada's defences against disinformation on the campaign trail. The false information snowballed, passing from a gossip rag to Twitter to the darkest corners of Reddit to Facebook.A website known for false Canadian news stories published an article dubiously claiming the rumours were correct, which quickly spread to nearly 25 million people and counting, according to the social media monitoring tool Crowd Tangle. Misinformation is probably going to be spread by domestic actors rather than foreign actors, said Fenwick McKelvey, a communications professor at Concordia University who studies rumours of a Justin Trudeau sex scandal went viral. For weeks amid the chaos of the campaign trail, unfounded rumours about Trudeau have circulated around his departure from West Point Grey Academy, the elite private school in Vancouver where the Liberal leader taught for a few years before leaving in 2001. Canada's election-integrity law doesn't have a mechanism to stop it. cdnpoli elxn43 We don't have a good voters will head to the polls for the federal election on Oct. 21. ( As reported in the news.