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Canadian Citizen and Vote

card: He says the card, which is addressed to him, was sent to his PO Box in a small town northeast of Calgary, according to CTV. The problem is Gabriel says he is not a Canadian citizen, making him ineligible to vote. This week, Paul Gabriel shared an image of a voter information card on Facebook, which contains information on how to vote, and can be presented alongside another valid piece of ID or proof of address in order to vote. Here's the problem, I can vote with this card and an Alberta Drivers licence, but I am NOT a Canadian citizen, and asking around some of my non-citizen friends, I am not alone, reads Gabriel's Facebook post. Your election is about to be stolen from you by illegal voters and we all know who gave them this ability and who they will vote for. I am not going to vote because I am not legally entitled to vote, but others will. ( As reported in the news.