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Bill Chambers: Children and Border Region

bill chambers: All children are innocent and punishing them where they were born or what circumstance they were born in is not our way, said Bill Chambers, the group's CEO. We believe they should be brought home and kept safe, according to CTV. The children are largely based in Al-Hawl, a refugee camp about 100 kilometres southeast of the border region where the Turkish incursion is underway. Save the Children Canada, which has aid workers on the ground in Syria, said the kids are largely the offspring of Islamic State militants, and some of them are orphans, while others have only one parent. Many of the children have family members in Canada, Chambers said. There are over two dozen detention facilities in northeastern Syria. Turkey began a military offensive Wednesday into northern Syria against U.S.-backed Kurdish-led fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces who are holding more than 10,000 Islamic State militants, including some 2,000 foreigners. ( As reported in the news.