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Singh and Question Period

work: Sign up for our Election Dispatch newsletter for a daily campaign update Singh said that he remains open to working with anyone who would want to work on advancing the progressive policies that are at the core of the NDP's platform, according to CTV. What I want to make clear is there are certain things that are going to help Canadians out, and if there's people who want to work with me to make that happen, I'm prepared to sit down and have a conversation, Singh said. In an interview on CTV's Question Period, Singh was asked whether the three separate instances of behaviour that Trudeau himself has called racist and offensive would now preclude the NDP from sitting down with the Liberals should the outcome of the Oct. 21 be that no one party wins a majority of the seats. I'm running to become prime minister so I'll take the support of anyone who wants to work towards goals that will improve people's lives. Singh made that pronouncement after the Liberals revived a 2005 video of Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer speaking against same-sex marriage. However, Singh has already said he would not prop-up a Conservative government in a minority situation. ( As reported in the news.