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Right Whales: Bi-National Campaign

right whales: The group is asking both countries to expand existing protection measures for the marine mammals, with a particular focus on preventing ship strikes and fishing gear entanglement, according to National Observer. Don't miss out on the latest news Sign up for our daily briefing Twenty-eight right whales have died in North American waters since 2017, including eight in Canadian waters this summer, of a population numbering only about 400 animals. Oceana is launching its campaign in Toronto and Washington, D.C. on Thursday. Kim Elmslie, campaign director for Oceana Canada, said the bi-national campaign is asking officials for urgent, collaborative responses to the worsening crisis, as the world's oceans experience the effects of climate change. Oceana is also lobbying for stronger tracking of fishing vessels, limits on seismic blasting in right whale territory, an expanded task force of right whale experts and more long-term funding for research, including necropsies, which probe an animal's cause of death.A supplementary report by Oceana Canada describes the history of the animal named right whales because their slow swimming speeds and proximity to shore made them the right whales to hunt. The species is still at risk of extinction, so we need to find solutions for this species across borders, Elmslie said in a phone interview from Ottawa on Wednesday. ; Recommendations include reductions in vertical lines used in fixed-gear fisheries and fishery closures that would come into effect once right whales are detected in an area. ( As reported in the news.