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Official Party: Party and Bitcoin Expert

official party: He is now the leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party, which was recently registered as an official party with Elections Canada, according to National Observer. Despite that, not even a piece of a Bitcoin has come his way. Patron has long billed himself as a Bitcoin expert, even writing a book on the digital currency. Even so, Patron and his far-right nationalist party which promotes a variety of conspiratorial beliefs, and has appeared to organize supporters on the neo-Nazi forum Stormfront is a clear sign of the challenges to come, thanks to the blockchain. On crowdfunding site GoFund Me, supporters are asked to kick in small donations for People's Party of Canada candidate Mikko Paavola to prove that we don't need to be the huge corrupt political party to bring in funds for this election. Don't miss out on the latest news Sign up for our daily briefing And he isn't the only one leveraging new online sources of revenue to finance election campaigns. ( As reported in the news.