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Larger-Than-Usual Numbers: Voter Turnout and Percentage Points

larger-than-usual numbers: This was 7.2 percentage points higher than in 2011 and the highest turnout in more than 20 years, according to CTV. Much has been written about a young, media-savvy Justin Trudeau running an optimistic campaign. TORONTO -- The 2015 federal election had a significant increase in voter turnout overall with 68.3 percent of registered voters casting a ballot. His campaign was combined with a desire for change among voters that inspired not only shifting allegiances in favour of the Liberal Party, but also previously disengaged voters to cast a ballot. If we focus on voter turnout, the question for this election is whether those who turned out in larger-than-usual numbers in 2015 will show up at the polls again in this election. Many factors drive the results we see in a riding race voter turnout, party platforms, issues in play, desire for change, quality of local candidates and, of course, the party leaders themselves. ( As reported in the news.