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Language Laws: Quebec and Conference Room

language laws: He also promised to find a way to get Quebec to sign the Constitution, on its own terms, although he did not explain how he would solve a problem that has long proven a political impasse, according to CTV. The fact that historically Quebec has not signed the Constitution is a mistake that should not exist, Singh told supporters gathered in the conference room of a hotel in Sherbrooke, Que. Sign up for our Election Dispatch newsletter for daily updates on the campaign The 11-page platform for Quebec included an expansion of the province's language laws and the right to withdraw from federal programs with financial compensation. He also pledged more money to help integrate immigrants, increased powers in areas such as environmental assessment and trade agreements, and to expand the province's language law, Bill 101, to cover all federally regulated companies in Quebec. But he's among the few who are still there; things reversed dramatically for the party in 2015, and NDP held only 14 seats in the province at dissolution. The Sherbrooke riding is held by the NDP's Pierre-Luc Dusseault, who became the youngest MP in Canadian history when he won the seat in 2011, one of 59 NDP MPs elected in Quebec that year as part of a massive surge of support. ( As reported in the news.