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Labour Shortages: Everything and Martin

labour shortages: Patricia Landry Martin says she has wanted to meet with Churchill for a while, and there's still a lot to figure out after Thursday's meeting, according to CTV. I was hoping we would get there and everything would be flat out and everything would be arranged toady, but everything is in steps and we have to take our time to make these decisions, says Martin, the co-director of Sydney Daycare. They say wages and pensions being offered by the pre-primary program are luring away qualified workers, resulting in labour shortages at daycares across the province. Martin says wages and pensions are much more desirable for the early childhood educators working in the pre-primary program, which makes it difficult to find staff willing to work in daycares. However, in doing so, the infants, toddlers and junior pre-schoolers were kind of forgotten, she says. Having a free program is a great idea. ( As reported in the news.