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Job Security: Labour Force and Contract Work

job security: Federal officials have been closely watching the changes in the labour force away from full-time jobs in favour of more temporary, part-time or contract work, according to Vancouver Courier. Available research suggests young people are more often found in these positions, which can be lower-paid and without benefits or longer-term job security. Documents obtained by The Canadian Press under the Access to Information Act show federal officials were leery of the reliability of existing data on the number of Canadians using online platforms to earn their livings, even though the figures had come from reputable sources.article continues below Trending Stories Five years ago, a giant statue of Satan with an erection enthralled Vancouver Audit questions Portland Hotel Society spending Vancouver mayor disappointed' over pushback to housing proposal for homeless Veering from Uber and Lyft model, Kater plans to offer ride-hailing across all B.C. The late-March briefing note shows officials at Employment and Social Development Canada were looking for alternatives. That makes the effects of the gig economy of particular interest to politicians millennials make up the largest voting cohort this election season. What makes measuring the size of the gig economy so difficult is that there are competing definitions of what it includes. Concerns about the ripple effects have prodded changes to the Canada Pension Plan, analysts' deep policy dives into the future of the federal social safety net, new spending on skills training and amendments to the federal labour code. ( As reported in the news.