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Giant C: Vancouver and Robert F

giant c: Edward Markey in the state's Democratic primary in 2020.A person with knowledge of Kennedy's plans told The Associated Press that Kennedy will formally make the announcement Saturday, according to Vancouver Courier. The person wasn't authorized to preempt Kennedy's announcement and spoke Wednesday on the condition of anonymity.article continues below Trending StoriesB.C. paying foster parents instead of supporting struggling families, experts say Vancouver's famous clock master is in hospital and needs your help Province announces six new stops for Vancouver's Broadway Subway project Here's what happened to a giant C' from Vancouver's Canada Post building The 38-year-old grandson of Robert F. Kennedy has been quietly laying down the foundation of a run, building up his staff and formally announcing his interest in the race by filing preliminary paperwork with the Federal Election Commission last month. Joe Kennedy III, a scion of one of America's most storied political families, is set to announce he will challenge U.S. Sen. I don't think primaries are something that people should shy away from, Kennedy told reporters at the state Democratic convention last Saturday. It's a two-year term. The idea behind it is that every seat, my own included, the one that I currently occupy as a member of the House of Representatives, it's up every two years. ( As reported in the news.