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Friend Ethan: Ad Astra and Thursday September

friend ethan: Rating NNNNNOf all the things I thought Ad Astra might be, I never would have predicted that James Gray would make an interplanetary riff on Apocalypse Now, according to NOW Magazine. But here it is, and here we are, with an apocalypse that's much smaller and more personal despite the fate of all known life hanging in the balance. Opens Thursday September 19 . See listing. To be more specific, Gray and his co-writer and long-time friend Ethan Gross are drawing from Heart Of Darkness, the Joseph Conrad novella that inspired Francis Ford Coppola's film, with its solitary hero embarking on a long and perilous journey to find a madman living in isolation. No enemy is trying to kill you; the antagonist is the journey itself. Ad Astra sets aside Coppola's political context and returns the story to the purity of Conrad's conception. ( As reported in the news.